Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Team Accountability...

I knew once beginning this journey I would need an accountability team.  Here's a great example of what a Accountability Team does for me, today was a tough day I had so much running to do for my business, I was up by 7:30am and I didn't stop until right now as I'm writing this blog update at 11:03pm. But my number one fan in my team "Hillary" sent me a message halfway through my day that said "GET YOUR BUTT IN THE GYM OR SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN". That's exactly what I need someone that reminds me that throughout the day life is going to happen and I am in charge of my health, by eating right, managing stress and finding the right moments to "whoosa". So when 6pm came around I thought to myself...."guess I'll be sleeping with one eye open because I'm so tired and I still have a lot to do." But honestly, I felt that I couldn't let my team down. I knew that whoever didn't workout this morning was going to be there this evening and I didn't want to feel like I didn't give it my all. So 6:35 I was in the gym, 5 min late but I showed up. In health and life you can "pay now" with blood, sweat and tears or you can "pay later" with Meds and hospital beds. we all have to decide!

Morning nutrition:
egg whites with spinach, 2 turkey sausage, palm full of potatoes & 1/2 English muffin

Lunch Nutrition:
Carrot, Beets, Spinach, Apple "juicer"

Dinner Nutrition: (before 6pm)
Bean wrap (yummy)

1 choc chip cookie w/nuts fresh baked by chelsea (only had one even though I wanted the plate :-))

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  1. I feel there wasn't enough rhyming in this blog. More rhymes please, you know like Mohammed Ali!
    Keep going strong my SISTA!